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Easyweld rods test #2
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The surface tension of the molten rods is very strange...good to work with but strange nonetheless.

It spans gaps somewhat uncannily and if you get it at the right temp it can be quite mouldable and defy gravity - e.g. like here where if you work it too hot it tries to disappear but just a fraction less and it will stay noticable molten but not drip away. Nice :D

Please note that the manufacturer may not have intended it for use this way but this is the problem I have to solve so it's a fair test nonetheless. Being able to modify stuff like this without having to mess around with ali welding would be most useful. Steel drink cans would probably be an excellent moulding/shaping material :D

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Created: 24/12/2015 03:52:12
Modified: 08/10/2010 00:57:00