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Easyweld rods test #1
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Sledgehammer... meet breather pipe. Having just sealed up the gap with the easyweld rods I figured a bit of destructive testing would be in order. This piece got one blow from a 10lb sledgehammer aimed fairly and squarely at the area of the join.

It's worth noting at this point that I did only minimal surface preparation of the component. Whilst I cleaned the area to be welded as instructed by the accompanying leaflet, the cut made by the angle-grinder/cutting disc had smooth walls. If one were going for maximum adhesion I suspect roughening the edges would make for a better contact area.

Now let's see if I can fix the damage using the rods again :-D
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Created: 24/12/2015 03:52:12
Modified: 08/10/2010 00:57:00