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New mount in place
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This isn't brain surgery - by eye will probably do the trick. Drilling a pilot hole and then using a cone drill bit seemed to work ok and also allowed minor corrections when you realise the hole's slightly off.

The mount needs to fit well so check it as you're drilling. A little at a time is a good idea here... this is holes in yer car body after all.

Note - if you've not got a cone drill bit get one!! They're useful for all sorts from carving holes in your bodywork like this to making holes in K & N folter assemblies for your breather pipe.

A good one will set you back £15 or so but is 'ard as nails (well harder actually!). Cone drill bits are surprisingly satisfying to use but you can really do some damage so be careful.

Draper do one which is rubbish, don't buy it.
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Created: 24/12/2015 03:51:36
Modified: 08/10/2010 01:32:00